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    Congratulations! You have been invited to apply to be one of the extended Poetic License Distillery team!

    To become a Poetic Gin-fluencer we request regular posts - A minimum of 1 social feed post per active account, and 1 story post per week about Poetic License Distillery. We also require your public referral code and our website URL to be displayed in your profile bio/about section.

    In turn we offer you a free bottle of Poetic License Gin FREE each month, we set you up with your own unique PERSONAL discount code for 25% discount on all products purchased through the Poetic License Distillery website ( not to be shared with anyone else, ) and a second 5% referral code to be shared with your followers.

    We will also offer you early access to our Rarity range and get you involved when we are researching and developing new products.

    This will run for a minimum of 3 months and is subject to termination at any point by us and the team if we do not feel you are actively contributing to the program.

    By clicking Next I agree to the above terms and conditions and would like to continue to the registration phase.

    Please note: All answers and information given is strictly confidential, and will not be shared outside of the organisation. It is for internal use only.


    First we need your details to be able to get in touch, send you your products, and invite you to upcoming special invite-only events!


    Not active on all platforms? Not a problem! We'd still love to hear from you!